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Reframing Aging

Gay Couple showing Thumbs Up in New York

We are all aging. Throughout our lives, many of us will have encountered a lot of false messaging and advertising about aging and getting older as if it were something to fear and delay¬—not something to embrace. But aging is a part of life, and it is something we can accept, welcome, and enjoy. We know that the later years of our lives are when many people feel the most comfortable with themselves and have a stronger sense of purpose (National Poll on Healthy Aging, University of Michigan).
Yet, many of us are exposed to ageism daily through ageist messaging, ageist interpersonal connections, and through internalized ideas of ageism which manifest in decreased job opportunities, false assumptions about ability and health, and other falsehoods about getting older that are unfortunately commonplace.
As the world, the United States, and Illinois grows older, it is imperative that we work to shift the narrative from one of detriment to one of continued hope and vitality, as many of us can look forward to 25-40 years or more in this chapter of life.
Think to yourself about an ageist message or idea that you have come across. How did it impact you? What did it make you feel about the prospect of getting older? How would you change that message to project a better feeling about aging?
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