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What do we need to support equitable aging for all?
Illinois Aging Together is a campaign for aging equity in Illinois. This campaign is working to have Illinois government develop and adopt a long-term Strategic Action Plan for Aging. The campaign also seeks to counteract ageism by promoting the value, meaning, and purpose of life that older adults should be able to enjoy with their families and communities.
We’re all aging all of the time. Each and every one of us is impacted by the aging of our population, with wide-ranging effects. Creating collective action for aging is for everyone. With a special interest in addressing social and health inequities through grass-roots community involvement, this project is developing a multi-cultural, multi-generational, and geographically diverse movement to build community power for a common goal of equitable aging for the state of Illinois.
Illinois Aging Together is a campaign for a strategic action plan for aging. Aging is about all of us. Join here.